Asset Sales and Services

We believe in doing our best to provide a second lease on life to complete equipment as well through parts harvesting. Through our many offerings we work to bring our clients the best value on products they wish to liquidate.  Through removal and remarketing and Parts harvesting EAC can work with the client to do the following:

Removal and Marketing:

-EAC will work with our clients to come on site and audit, market and arrange for removal of reusable assets

-We arrange for drive wiping services, or drive removal if requested.

-EAC will go to our direct market or create a online opportunity to purchase products.

-We create a competitive revenue sharing program for the sale of your assets.

-We facilitate with buyers to pickup or have equipment shipped to their facility.

-EAC can also make an offer to directly purchase and remove unwanted assets.

-Assets sold are generally sent to refurbishers within Ontario.

Parts Harvesting:

When receiving items deemed end of life some internal and external components tend to still have resale value. EAC has a comprehensive list of all the materials we can a​ccept. We also can offer programs to salvage and return specific parts to your organization at a competitive rate.

There are many solutions to every problem and EAC is here to help. Contact us today to discuss your service needs!