Electronic Waste Management and Asset Sales Services

A core part of our business is diverting waste electronics from our landfill as well promoting a second lease on life for reusable items. EAC can create customized recycling solutions saving you time, money and resources.

End of life disposal. EAC services a handful of education and other institutions within Ontario for the management of waste electronics. We work with a select qualified group of companies who manage and recycle your end of life electronics. Our goal is to help sort and determine what is physically at end of life but not at its end of value.  What we offer:

-Year round servicing of all electronic materials

-Pre-planning and participation in scheduled refresh schedules ensuring old assets are removed prior to delivery of new materials

-Creation of employee/family programs to create new ways to internally/externally recycle electronics.

-We also offer public collection event programs.

-EAC offers a "Milk Run" service which allowing us to service multiple clients that generate smaller quantities of equipment. Specific quantities do apply pending a service agreement

-EAC provides clients with packaging supplies and can remove equipment in a loose or skidded form