Q: When conducting business with EAC, how does your organization manage and protect proprietary and confidential data contained within hard drives and other media storage devices?

A: All hard drives will be handled in a professional and confidential matter.   Details will be sent to you through your service agreement our privacy policy.

The process for data destruction will occur in these steps

-Hard drives and storage media approved by our clients for reuse will undergo a low level format rendering your data non recoverable. 

-Hard drives or storage devices that are unfit for reuse will be isolated and prepared to send for shredding to our approved processing partners.

-Our approved partners have agreements with us to securely shred and destroy such devices, as well we will issue certificates of destruction/ confirmation of drive wiping. It is important that EAC states that we do not view any data on drives prior to wiping or shredding.

Q: My cell phone has personal contact information on it what happens to it?

A: All received cell phones that are fit for reuse/ approved for reuse will be securely wiped, with all sim cards removed and isolated for shredding. Phones that pass the ability to be reused will be wiped, updated to the latest software and either resold or donated through our network of approved charitable partners.

Q: What specific lines of products does your company accept?

A: Please find attached via the EAC website a pdf version of accepted items, or this document may be included within your service agreement.

Q: As a service provider to our company, what happens to goods collected from our facility?

A: As EAC is a waste diversion based company we strive to uphold the 3 R’s principal of reuse, reduce and recycle. Pending your requirements we first approach the opportunity to promote reuse and provide a second lease on life for your electronics.  Materials that are out of date, heavily damaged or no longer current in today’s marketplace are collected and taken to our network of approved recyclers that work with us on responsible certified final use of this product. No waste electronics are landfilled in a whole, or part form during any harvesting or recycling process.

Q:How do we schedule a pickup with the EAC team?

A: We want to make your pickup process simple and effective We can help you by contacting us via:

Call or email any of the EAC staff to get on our pickup schedule .

Q: When conducting business with EAC, how does your organization manage furniture and reusable textile assets?

A: All furniture is assessed on its quality and ability to be reused, resold or donated. We remove where possible any markings of previous ownership of such assets. Wood, plastics, metal and glass off unusable products are consolidated and taken to approved commodity recyclers throughout Ontario.

EAC is committed to social corporate responsibility by interacting with various organizations to donate a percentage of collected furniture through local and world wide charitable programs. Please see our partners page within the EAC website

Products derived from demolition

Q: Our facility is at its end of life and we wish to divert as much as possible from our local landfill. How do we access your recycling services?

A: EAC does not take entire buildings down, but we work with our clients to reduce demolition costs by safely removing scrap assets from the interior of the building prior to abatement removal as well after.