Proprietary Product Destruction Solutions

School boards, health care and many other organizations small or large have a duty to protect internal information, as well products derived from research and development. We value the privacy of your confidential resources. When taking on this process many may look to a quick and easy destruction service regardless of the environmental impact. EAC offers ways to assist your organization to help improve existing destruction 

services, or create an entirely new process.   Here's how:

-We isolate and secure assets requiring secure removal and destruction

-Hire shredding vendors to do on site destruction for paper products

-Seek out existing vendors who can responsibly shred confidential research materials with no resale opportunities given

-Audit and prepare storage media devices for secure wiping or shredding

-Hire services pertaining to media destruction

-Develop and maintain a chain of custody until products hit their final resting place

-Prepare and deliver certificates of destruction for all shredded or wiped products